the delightful moments with stationery

   Stationery Columns


 ■ Pens

     “A pen of ○ & □” the Lamy CP 1 Pencil

     “A long selling mechanical pencil” Pentel Graph 1000,

     “Enjoy multi-functional pencils” Tokyo Slider Co Ltd.’s wooden Twin Extender

     “A Fountain Pen of German Design” The Duller Fountain Pen designed by Dietrich Lubs

     “A nib that curves back” the Pilot Custom 743 Waverly fountain pen

     “An earth-friendly slim body”, the Lamy Spirit mechanical pencil (palladium finish)

     The memo technique that sets you free from the need to get a pen and paper!

     The pen nib with a step - the Namiki Falcon fountain pen

     As expected, the first word is ‘The Pencil’’.Faber Castel UFO Perfect Pencil

     A fountain pen for appreciating the beauty of Japanese writing’
           The ‘PROFIT 21 Nashiji Naginata-togi’ Fountain Pen, by The Sailor Pen Company

 ■ Notebooks

“An emergency memo with an affinity to fountain pens”, DESIGNPHIL CARD MEMO

Note Pads that have got technique!

‘A spiral-bound notebook you will want to use preciously’ the Postalco Notebook

     What is important is the page by page layering of the stack; Misuzudo Block Memo Cube  

     Manage Your To-Do List Well with a Clock!  “Clock Style ‘To-do’ Management Art”

     The notebook that is a joy to possess  the MOLESKINE ruled notebook

■ Files

      Open File SQUAMA PANTA

      “A new sensation in business card filing” ‘harrytoree’by Hiyoshi Packaging Corporation,

     “Grasp the sides and business cards pop out” The abrAsus Thin Business Card Case

     The file you simply slip a document in and close. ‘Tezig’ by King Jim

■ Others

      Making a pen holder for a Rhodia      

     ‘With this, pulling out becomes easy’ Pyloneer P-hook,

     Drawing lines becomes fun! 3L Office Products A/S - Griffit Rulers
     “It is possible to decrease the number of highlighters in the drawer”
            Ink Charger (for highlighters) by Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. 367 JPyen


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