the delightful moments with stationery
As expected, the first word is ‘The Pencil’’.
    Faber Castel UFO Perfect Pencil  6,300 JPyen

The other day, in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi Maruzen store, in the stationery department on the first floor basement level,a quest of many years duration ended with the discovery of a much searched-for item.

I purchased, compulsively, for 6,300 JPyen the Faber Castel UFO Perfect Pencil .
ファーバーカステル パーフェクトペンシル UFO Faber Castel UFO Perfect Pencil

We all used pencils as kids, then, as we gradually became adults, pencils became mechanical pens, ball-point pens, gel ink pens and, in the end, we grew up to fountain pens.

This is in no way a bad thing but recently, once again, I was seized with the impulsive desire to work with pencils.

From the atmosphere of precise lines from a newly sharpened pencil’s fine tip to the softer touch when the tip is rounded by use - a variety of atmospheres and effects can be enjoyed with this writing instrument

In fact, in my opinion, the only big fault of pencils is that portability is bad. My image of the pencil bearer is of one who always happens to have a pencil on hand at every occasion and gallantly pulls it out to write

Yet, it has to be said, a single pencil simply slipped into the shirt pocket could easily drop out by chance.

Even so, walking around with a pencil case just isn’t on…

So I set out to find, out there somewhere, a cap with looks, and a clip, for use with pencils.

Without a clip, solid silver products are available but, caps with clips weren’t easy to find.

The brilliant solution to this distress of mine is the Faber Castel, UFO Perfect Pencil

ファーバーカステル パーフェクトペンシル UFO Faber Castel UFO Perfect Pencil

The cap itself is in aluminium, with a simple design and, the source of my distress, the clip, fastened firmly.

Then, showing real esprit, the tip of the cap pulls off to reveal a pencil sharpener.

What’s more, the pencil sharpener blade can be purchased separately for easy replacement at any time in the future. (1,000JPyen)

Formidable, Faber Castel!

As I am sure many already know, the current standard hexagonal pencil shape was made by Faber Castel. It seems probable that a great deal of consideration has been put into their pencils. I certainly think so

There is also one other replaceable component ? the pencil. In addition to the pencil originally included, all other pencils in my possession such as Ito-Ya’s original round-shaped pencil, Staedtler’s ‘MARS’ and Stabilo pencils also fitted the cap.

During some business discussions I have slipped the UFO pencil out of my chest pocket with a cool nonchalance and start taking notes and have fully captured the other parties’ attention.

It is definitely a good thing for everyone to once again become intimate with the pencil.

Even when the pencil has become this short it can still be used properly.

ファーバーカステル パーフェクトペンシル UFO Faber Castel UFO Perfect Pencil

In addition to the use for which the cap was intended ? portability - the cap can also be used as an extender lengthening the pencil stub on well-used pencils

It is very pleasing to be able to write properly even when so much of the pencil has been used

ファーバーカステル パーフェクトペンシル UFO Faber Castel UFO Perfect Pencil

To say it can be used to the very end raises the difficult question of what point is actually the end, but, I would like to use it to the very possible limit.

Deciding which pencil to use next is also enjoyable . I think I’ll take a look at the triangular GRIP 2001 also by Faber Castel

I am sure the silver pencil will match well with the silver cap.

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