The notebook that is a joy to possess

the MOLESKINE ruled notebook @1,890 JPyen

[XL@XL@蒠 MOLESKINE  notebook

Every morning, on the train, going to work, I am writing a rough manuscript.

And of the people around me, there are those reading books, those looking at their mobile phones, others sending text messages and so forth and so on.

I look at those people sending text messages and, really, I have to admire their ability to move their thumb that quickly.
But, as I look on, I canft help worrying that wonft thumbs alone evolve?

On the contrary, people like me with a notebook out, writing, are perhaps rather uncommon to see these days.

Although I am writing on the train, I can concentrate on the manuscript and the writing goes well.

When I sit down in a chair to write, for some reason tension builds up in my shoulders but, when in the train, the moderate noise, sway, and ebb and flow of the crowd makes this an environment thatfs just right for concentrating.

What I use for this writing is whatfs being introduced this time ? the Moleskine Pocket Ruled notebook. I always use the Moleskine for jotting ideas.

Apparently the real meaning of moleskin is the hide of a mole. Now it is more common to use the word emoleskinf to refer to artificial leather that resembles moleskin.

Evidently the leather used for this notebookfs outward appearance (itfs undoubtedly artificial) has a soft touch that feels like moleskin.

Having said that, I havenft ever actually touched a mole, but, in terms of the image...

The Moleskine notebook has a long history and, as in its 200 year reach the painters Vincent Van Gough and Mattise, and the writer Hemmingway are said to have used it regularly, it is phenomenal.

Before entering into the characteristics of its outward appearance, I want to digress to the way it is packaged for sale at the shopfront.

The notebook is bound with a chic coloured paper band. Orange, red, blue, etc - the colour varies according to the type of notebook. With the black background of the notebook, these coloured bands make a good match and catch the eye. In the store - without even thinking - you take one in hand; when it comes to this kind of design, Italy has really got it.

Unfortunately, the band has to be removed when you use the notebook. Taking off that coloured band instantly turns it into an ordinary plain black notebook, but, actually, many special features to be happy about have been built in.

[XL@XL@蒠 MOLESKINE  notebook

For starters, the paper content is the essence of the notebook; with a slight cream tinge it is very gentle on the eye. I use pencil leads to write (with the Staedtler core holder) and the paper has a perfect affinity with pencil and it is possible to enjoy writing that feels good and very smooth.

With a total number of 192 pages, there is plenty of quantity and to fill it up takes a reasonable amount of time. Accordingly, the outward appearance wears to just the right condition.

The concern that arises when putting a notebook in a pocket or a bag is that the paper might get bent, crushed or soiled but the Moleskine has been equipped with an external rubber band and, if this band is secured before putting the notebook away there is no anxiety about the paper inside being damaged.

Removing the belt and snapping it back into place when commencing and finishing writing becomes a delightful work ritual.

The external cover is very firm and considerably thick. Thanks to this, it feels impressive to hold and it makes it possible to write firmly in the notebook while it is in your hand.

And showing extra thoughtful consideration, there is a pocket included in the last page of the notebook.

The side of the pocket has an expandable gusset so it is easy to get things in and out. I use the pocket to put my receipts for stationery purchases in and at those, gActually, how much was that pen?h, moments when I am writing a manuscript, I can pull out the receipt and check.. Other than receipts, I keep a few extra business cards slipped in too.

If items are paper, quite a lot will go in. But, even if - on the off-chance - the pocket should be bulging, it has the abovementioned rubber band and, when the notebook is secured with that, you can feel sure that things wonft fall out.

On opening the cover the following sentences are printed:

gIf you find this notebook, please return it to: ......

As a reward $.....

The ownerfs address and the reward offered are left as blank spaces for you to fill in.

Here you can feel one example of the deep care that is part of Moleskine notebooks.

In the beginning it is completely new and blank, but, as each person writes their thoughts and important matters in this notebook, at some point it becomes a thing of great value to them.

The message entrusted to the user is that the value is self made so please determine the value yourself.

Taking all this into consideration there is a sense of being petitioned to take care of your Moleskine.

@In fact, in the band that is part of the Moleskine package, are the following words,

gLosing my passport was the least of my worries ; losing a notebook was a catastrophe.h Bruce Chatwin.

It is symbolic of the Moleskine; as this is a notebook that is not just a mere memo pad, but is a precious thing with the important matters recorded by the user making it as valuable as if it were a clone of the actual user.

By the way, I have left blank the amount of the reward to the finder of my Moleskine. I am still debating to put this notebookfs price at the time of purchase of 1,890 JPyen or to up the price to 2,000 JPyen

filling this notebook with my valued work so I think I will leave it a little while longer before deciding.

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