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eWith this, pulling out becomes easyf Pyloneer P-hook, 350 yen

From the tight squeeze of a crammed bookshelf pulling out a book is extremely hard.
Clawing at the spine of the book it is possible to damage the precious book and it hurts the fingers too.

Even as you squeeze the book in you curse the moment with regret.
At such times, when you have this P-hook, it is possible to very easily pull it out.

The matchbox-like case draws open, just like opening a matchbox, and 12 ePf shaped hooks, the like of which you have never seen before, are beautifully stacked upon each other and settled in.

Try taking one of them out and it is very light.
The reason for this is that the P-hook it made out of paper, though, having said that, it is definitely not bendable and soft but; with a thickness of 1mm and due, it seems, to the use of some special paper, altogether its got an inner firmness that seems as solid as plastic.

Incidentally, try shaking the case that the P-hook comes in and, it makes the same-old familiar rattling sound as if matches were inside.

Well then, in regard to how to use this P-hook, slightly insert the part of the P-hook that is bent in an eLf shape over the spine of a jammed book.

Having done this, outside the cover of the book only the round part of the hook will appear.
Try putting a finger in here and pulling and, the book you have been pulling at desperately without budging an inch can, with a simplicity you will never tire of, smoothly be pulled out.

It is a very small thing but unexpectedly convenient I think.
You canft always walk around with a P-hook so, on the books on our bookshelf at home I am hitching P-hooks in advance.

By doing this, in the case of an emergency one can be used instantly.

In addition to books, they can also be used for things like carelessly packed files. If a file has open holes on the spine it can easily be pulled out with a finger hooked in there, but, when there arenft any holes a P-hook is very useful.

I often find that before I have finished reading one book I have started another. Suddenly, I can find that I am synchronizing the reading of three or four books.

Being as I am, I am using these P-hooks in the place of bookmarks. This way I can quickly pull the book from the bookshelf and also quickly open at the last page I read, so it kills two birds with one stone. It seems that the number of books I am reading at once is going to significantly increase.

The P-hook was created by a designer from Kansai, Mr Junji Itosaki. Mr Itosaki is not a stationery designer, he is a person who has been active in a variety of fields, mainly spatial design.

He says he came up with the P-hook from feeling that he wanted the books messily arranged on his office bookshelves to be easier to pull out while conveying a playful spirit.

Mr Itosaki took into particular consideration care of his home-town of Kansai and the environment.

The packaging utilises matchboxes, which are Himejifs local industry.

That package that looked like a matchbox actually was a real matchbox afterall.

A stickler for completely emade-in-Kansaif, the particularly strong paper was processed in Osaka, and so on. Apparently he feels that, through his own work, he wants to do even a little for his home-town of Kansai.

Whatfs more, on an environmental aspect, Mr Itosaki - as a designer engaged in the manufacturing of various products - says he worried about the large output of industrial waste, so, with the P-hook recycled paper has been used even in the packaging.

This particular consideration is not felt in the packaging or the product. These are, to the end, modest.

Actually, I think it is good that this claim is so moderate that you canft tell straight away.

It is very modest but try using it and it is very convenient.

Necessary information is something that is meaningful if it can be instantly retrieved when it is necessary.

I think it is great that, if you have a P-hook, retrieval is quick and above all,

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