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Tadashi Tsuchihashi

Stationery Director, Stationery Consultant

After working for Show Management of ISOT, a leading stationery trade show in Japan, Tadashi Tsuchihashi founded Pen-info.jp Consulting Office.

For domestic and overseas stationery makers, he offers consultation for product planning and PR, and for retails shops and chain stores, he produces stationery corner.

He also publishes a stationery web magazine “The delightful moments with stationery” (https://www.pen-info.jp/), which delivers columns on stationery, reports on overseas stationery trade shows, and others.

He has also contributed numerous articles to major papers and magazines. As an author, he has published 6 books up to now.

Stationery Columns


T’s Stationery Office provides comprehensive services for consulting, PR, and writing for the stationery industry.
For overseas companies, T’s stationery Office provides the following services to promote products and help expanding business in Japan.

+ Consultation when approaching the Japan market (Contents depend on your needs.)

+ Introducing the Japanese potential agents/buyers/business partners

+ Producing promotional materials in Japanese language (product brochures, advertisements and other materials)

+ Producing press releases in Japanese

+ PR assistance to the Japanese media

+ Support services when participating trade shows in Japan

+ Other services available upon request

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